Elektromontaż nr 2

Elektromontaż nr 2 Kraków Spółka z o.o. is a production and service company operating in the power industry, established in October 2001. At that time, Elektromontaż nr 2 Kraków S.A. was split up as a result of structural changes, creating new independent economic entities on the basis of the existing production and service units. We were established on the basis of human and material resources of Elektromontaż nr 2 Kraków S.A., taking over its previous experience and knowledge based on more than 40 years of activity on the domestic and foreign markets.During the period of our activity, we are constantly expanding the range of our production, in accordance with current market requirements. Our achievements and the trust of our Clients are a guarantee and certainty that our commitments will be fully fulfilled.


The staff of our company consists of employees with high professional qualifications, confirmed among others: building permits, specialized professional permits, qualification certificates of supervision and operation. The theoretical knowledge and professional practice gained by them puts them on the position of the best in the industry, guaranteeing a very high culture and quality of services provided.

The team is a team of people who identify with the company, care about its good image, and are committed to the commitments made by the company.


We operate on the market of electrical and energy products and services, performing necessary works for industry, construction and municipal management. We participate in modern investments, and the number of companies using our services is constantly increasing.

Electrical equipment installed by us is indispensable wherever modernity, safety and reliability are important.

Quality and customer satisfaction - this is our motto. We guarantee it at the highest level.


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