K2 Industrial Line

The origins of the K2 Industrial line brand date back to 2004, when MAG-KRAK sp. z o.o. (founded in 1993) introduced diamond discs to the offer successfully gaining the trust of many faithful but demanding users. The next step was to expand the range with accessories for power tools: corundum discs, masonry and concrete drills and high-speed steel metal drills. The following years bring a dynamic development of both the offer and the strengthening of the position on the market thanks to the maintenance of the ratio expected by the customers between competitive price level and quality.



The offer of the K2 brand is addressed to professional users, thanks to which the priority for us is to satisfy high expectations in terms of quality. This would not be possible without numerous tests carried out at every stage of introducing the tools to the offer. We have invaluable help from friendly specialists and practitioners from many industries, who throughout the years of brand building support our internal quality control department with tests and critical opinions. It is thanks to you that we are getting better every time!


Narzędzia K2 tools


Our greatest success is our loyal Clients, who see passion and commitment to building lasting relationships, thanks to which we are constantly developing on a very competitive Polish market. We are also proud of the fact that our K2 brand is reaching European markets, which further confirms that our efforts to ensure the reliability and durability of our tools are in the right direction.





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